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  • Step 1:

    Goals: The Mind Set You Must Have To Take Away The Pressure

    A) Goals: The US Army's Psychology Behind Being Specific And The Reason You Must Have Them

    B) Knowing Your Targets And Re-framing Rejection: A Paradigm Shift

  • Step 2:

    The 3 Ways We Communicate – And The Words Say The Least!

  • Step 3:

    A) Professional Attire – Men

    B) Professional Attire – Women

  • Step 4:

    Task Tension Model: Understanding The Psychology Behind Closing Your Sale Today

  • Step 5:

    3 Parts To The Brain You Must Know – To Be Able To Shift Your Clients Mind Frame

  • Step 6:

    The Warm Up; How To Make Small Talk Highly Effective

  • Step 7:

    Order Of The Day. Put The Client At Ease

  • Step 8:

    Understanding The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Questions To Shift Your Client's Mind Frame

  • Step 9:

    The Discovery Is The Road Map To Your Sale

  • Step 10:

    How To Identify What The Client Wants

  • Step 11:

    Understanding The Six Key Emotional Drivers In 95% Of Every Decision Made

  • Step 12:

    Information Confirmation – Get Aligned With Your Client

  • Step 13:

    The Intent Statement You Must Give In Order To Get Your Sale Today

  • Step 14:

    Incentives To Create Urgency

  • Step 15:

    Tie Downs VS Trial Closes. Moving The Sale Further Along

  • Step 16:

    Putting The Client In The Picture Emotionally

  • Step 17:

    Test Drive: Putting The Client In The Driver Seat

  • Step 18:

    Roundup: Coming In For A Landing, Do Not Crash And Burn

  • Step 19:

    Showing The Price, Asking For The Sale

  • Step 20:

    Understanding No. A Request For More Information And Overcoming Rejections.

  • Step 21:

    You Must Close. The Secret Formula Every Closer Must Know To Close The Sale