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Outdoor 40x60 BK4 Prism FMC Multi Coated Green Lens Monocular Telescope




Top Notch, Durable, All Weather Resistant BK4 Prism 40 x 60 Monocular.
State of the Art Multi Coated Green Film Prism Lens for Crystal Clear Viewing & Photos Shoots and Filming.
This Monocular is perfect for Bird Watching, Hunting, Camping, Traveling, Sporting, Concerts, Scenery and other activities.
The Built-In Compass is perfect for finding your way in the Great Outdoors and Wilderness Excursions.



40X60 High Power Magnification:
The monocular Telescope features a 10x Zoom magnification and a 38mm diameter objective .

The Field Of View:
1500m/9500m. Provides the best view for outdoor adventures, clear and brighter View Range. The large magnification option is perfect for Hiking, Hunting, Climbing, Bird & Wildlife watching, Sporting, Concerts and Scenery.

Built-In BAK-4 Prism & Multi Coated FMC Green Optical:
The multi-coated optics and BAK4 prisms Lenses, Increase light transmission and is anti-reflective on all glass surfaces, focusing and viewing targets in low light or lighted object is achieved easily, by enhancing image quality Color definition, Rendition and Sharper Contrasts.

Solid Durable Framework All Weather Resistant Rubber Armor:
This Telescope is built for the Outdoors and resits extreme Weather Conditions such as Rain, Fog, Dust and Humidity. The Optics are sealed and protected by O-rings. Built-In Lens Cover prevent Dust, Moisture to damage or Fog the Lenses guaranteeing clear view in any Harsh Conditions. Rubber Grips assure firm hold. The Rubber armor is shock absorbing for maximum protection.

Adjustable Eye Cup:
Monocular Telescope Eye Cup is adjustable, for comfortable viewing with or without Eyeglasses. Single Hand operation, and easy to use.

Smartphone Adapter and Flexible Tripod
The Universal Smartphone Clip fits most Phones. The Flexible Tripod adapts to any ground and surfaces for Steady Picture Shoots, perfect & stable Videos filming.

Material: Rubber coated metal
Waterproof: IPX2
Lens: FMC Multi Coated Green Lens
Prism: BAK4
Telescope Specification: 40x60
Magnification: 10X
Objective Diameter: 38mm
Eye Piece Diameter: 18mm
Field Of View: 1500m / 9500m
Phone Clip Open Size:
Approx. 2.5cm / 1"
Fold Size:
16 x 5.2 x 7cm / 6.3 x 2.1 x 2.8" (L x W x H)
Net Weight:
0.35kg / 12.3oz