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Jason Milton is the Founder & CEO of Today Only Selling, Keynote Speaker and Author

Jason Milton is a highly regarded global sales leader who has led three Fortune 500 timeshare companies (Hilton, Wyndham, Starwood) to record sales using "Today Only" selling techniques. Jason's proven history of turning failing sales teams into #1 producing sites has earned him the ability to lead the most highly recognized branded projects to new heights throughout the world.

Jason's story is one of turning trials into triumph. A former international model for Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani with over a decade of International exposure working with many cultures and personalities, Jason knew he was destined for more but success escaped him. He found himself in New York broke, sleeping in a storage closet, doing odd jobs just to survive.
Out of desperation he grabbed an opportunity starting on the ground floor of a local sales team and soon turned his life around,
Embracing "Today Only" sales techniques helped him to close every deal on the spot, leading over $200,000,000 in revenue across some of the most popular brands in timeshare.
Jason is the author of the upcoming book,TODAY ONLY and has been featured in Newsweek magazine, , and numerous radio shows including The ED Tyll Show aired on 40 stations across America with over 2,000,000 listeners.

Jason has become the goto expert in sales. "Today Only" dramatically improve the expediency of the sale and improve closing percentages for individuals and businesses.
He learned firsthand that in order to be successful you must have a skill set.
Everybody is selling something; you can either sell and be of service to others or be sold.
Sales people earn twice as much as the national median income including those with Masters degrees and Doctorates. This is the reason Jason made it his mission to empower others to dramatically improve their income, save their own economy and change their lives by learning "Today Only" sales.