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LEVEL 1: Foundational Principles

Learn How To Close
Your Sale In The First Meeting

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Discover a Proven Method Used by Fortune 500 Companies
Teaching You How To Effectively Close Your Sales
in the First Meeting IN-PERSON & ONLINE!

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Step 1
Goals And Intention

Why You Must Have Them


Step 2
The 3 Ways We Communicate

And The Words Say The Least!


Step 3
A) Professional Attire – Men
B) Professional Attire – Women


Step 4
Task Tension Model

Psychology Behind Closing Your Sale Today


Step 5
The 3 Parts To The Brain



Step 6
The Warm Up

How To Make Small Talk Highly Effective


Step 7
The Discovery

4 Things You Must Find To Make Your Sale


Step 8
The Six Key Emotional Drivers

Influencing 95% Of Every Decision Made


Step 9
Putting Them In The Picture

Basic Level


Step 10
Asking For The Sale



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If You're Serious
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Why This Matters?

Most businesses struggle to stay afloat, much less to thrive, because they are not able to help the client make a decision during the first meeting.

The client “needs to think about it” and they spend precious time and energy following up, hoping to close the sale another day, and never receiving the order.

Why Now?

This course has been made available for a fraction of its cost to help as many individuals and entrepreneurs as possible, who are looking for better ways to increase their revenue in their difficult times.

What Happens if You Don't?

No one can solve a problem, with the same mindset that generated the challenge. Do you want to stay at the same level and see your goals take much longer? By boosting your ability to get a higher income, you say hello to more possibilities in life. The choice is yours!

About Your Coach

Jason Milton


Imagine a sales business where there are no "be-backs" or "follow-ups" allowed, where closing the sale in the first meeting is your only option to earn a paycheck. With over 18 years in the sales industry, I have not only climbed the ladder and have led 3 Fortune 500 Timeshare companies in executive leadership roles, but also I have developed a unique sales system that has been tested to work for every industry, every day within the first meeting or interaction.

Your product or service may be unique, but your sales problems are not.

I’ve made a career of turning average individuals into top producers and sluggish sales teams into #1 producing teams in the entire companies that I have advised. All done with full integrity and without high pressure tactics.


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