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Today Only Selling

The Today Only Selling program is built on the culmination of 2 decades of Jason Milton’s experience in leading three Fortune 500 companies and the Forbes’ Fastest Growing Company On the Planet in the process of closing over $800 million worth of their sales in the first meeting.

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Jason Milton, Founder - Today Only Selling

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The Today Only sales process has been globally adopted by businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. Some of these corporations are clocking over a billion dollars in annual revenue by implementing the Today Only sales process while there are others who have 3X their revenues within 60 days of implementing this process. A 150%+ growth in sales conversion is not something unheard of with the Today Only Sales process!

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1st Meeting Closures

The only proven sales process to close a sale in the first meeting with full integrity.

Universal Principles

The TOS principles are universal and produce similar results irrespective of language, religion, and ethnicity


World’s first sales process based on deep-psychological principles and human behavior.

Lego-Model Approach

To make a sale, all one needs is to put the right steps in their correct order

20+ Years in Making

The TOS process has undergone 20+ years of industry validation and evolution


The TOS process comes very natural to human minds and can be grasped effortlessly